League Results The Alton and District
Badminton League
Page updated on 16/9/2018
Database updated on 11/1/2020

The Alton and District Badminton League

League Results

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Results for 2019-2020

Ladies Division 1

September 7:00pm Fri 27th Haslemere 12 Four Marks B 1
October 7:00pm Wed 9th Four Marks B 6 Midhurst ‘82 7
  7:20pm Wed 16th Eagles   Four Marks A  
  7:00pm Wed 23rd Four Marks A 10 Four Marks B 3
November 8:00pm Mon 4th Midhurst ‘82 4 Eagles 9
  8:00pm Mon 11th Midhurst ‘82 2 Four Marks A 9
  7:20pm Wed 20th Eagles 12 Four Marks B 0
December 7:00pm Wed 2nd Four Marks B 3 Four Marks A 12
January 8:00pm Fri 3rd Haslemere 8 Eagles 6
  7:20pm Wed 8th Eagles   Midhurst ‘82  
  7:00pm Wed 22nd Four Marks B   Eagles  
February 7:00pm Wed 12th Four Marks B   Haslemere  
  8:00pm Mon 24th Midhurst ‘82   Four Marks B  
  7:00pm Wed 26th Four Marks A   Eagles  
March 7:00pm Wed 11th Four Marks A   Midhurst ‘82  
  7:00pm Mon 16th Four Marks A   Haslemere  
  7:00pm Fri 20th Haslemere   Four Marks A  
  8:00pm Mon 30th Midhurst ‘82   Haslemere  
April 7:20pm Wed 8th Eagles   Haslemere  
  7:00pm Fri 24th Haslemere   Midhurst ‘82  

Mens Division 1

October 7:00pm Mon 7th Four Marks 12 Eagles 1
November 7:00pm Wed 6th Eagles 0 Four Marks 12
  8:00pm Tue 12th The Grange 12 Eagles 0
  7:00pm Wed 27th Four Marks 7 The Grange 8
December 7:00pm Wed 4th Eagles   The Grange  
  8:00pm Tue 10th The Grange 7 Four Marks 7
January 8:00pm Tue 21st The Grange   Four Marks  
  7:00pm Wed 29th Four Marks   Eagles  
February 7:00pm Wed 5th Eagles   The Grange  
March 7:00pm Wed 4th Eagles   Four Marks  
  8:00pm Tue 10th The Grange   Eagles  
  7:00pm Wed 25th Four Marks   The Grange  

New Format Division 1

October 7:20pm Wed 2nd Eagles A 1 Four Marks A 5
  7:00pm Mon 21st Four Marks A 5 Midhurst ‘82 1
February 8:00pm Mon 10th Midhurst ‘82   Four Marks A  
March 8:00pm Mon 16th Midhurst ‘82   Eagles A  
  7:20pm Wed 25th Eagles A   Midhurst ‘82  
  7:00pm Mon 30th Four Marks A   Eagles A  

New Format Division 2

November 7:00pm Wed 13th Four Marks B   Alresford  
  7:00pm Wed 27th Alresford 4 Eagles B 2
December 7:00pm Mon 16th Four Marks B 3 Eagles B 3
January 7:20pm Wed 15th Eagles B   Alresford  
February 7:30pm Wed 5th Alresford   Four Marks B  
April 7:20pm Wed 15th Eagles B   Four Marks B  
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