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The Alton and District Badminton League

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Committee Members

Chairman:Lucinda Gillingham
Secretary:Jane Passingham
Match Secretary:Graham White
Treasurer:Ken Thompson
Club Representatives:Martin Forster (Eagles)
Maureen Buckman (Midhurst)


Alton Badminton Webmaster - Graham White Just to put a face to the site, this is a mugshot of me!

I'm Graham White the current and founding web master of the Alton Badminton website and the guy you will be writing to if you contact the league using the form on this page. So if you think my website efforts have been a complete waste of time then tell me, and if you think it's amazing I'd also love to hear from you! If you wish to contact the Alton Badminton League for any reason at all then please complete the form on this page.

I welcome any and all comments sent to the address. I do generally check this mail address every working day but there may be occasions when I do not check my mail for a few days. In cases where I may not reply for a while, please give me a little time to check the address, consider the response, act upon information or find information requested.

Please Note

1: The email address ( previously used on this site will cease to work from 2016 onwards. Please use the form above to contact the league.

2: This site does not contain other contact information for security and data protection reasons. Information such as addresses and telephone numbers can be sensitive data. I will only pass on telephone numbers and/or addresses as a response to an e-mail if I am satisfied it will be secure. This information may only be passed on once I have obtained express permission from it's owner. However, please don't let this deter you if you are genuinely interested in badminton in the Alton area - it's just a precaution.

Printed on Monday 20 January 2020